Marsh Creek Farmstead: IrriPan™ Weed Mats

IrriPan™ Weed Mats

Ive recently become a distributor of a product that is useful to me on the farmstead and may be of interest to you if you do any sort of gardening and are concerned about water usage.

The thing that I really like about the mats is the weed suppression feature. In the past my plantings have been overrun by grass and the continual maintenance and cleanup is sometimes more than I can handle which means it dosent get done.

There are several ways to block weeds and i have tried them all with varying degrees of success.  None of these other methods provide the three benefits that the irri-pan does.

IrriPan™ Weed Mats multiply WATER
They capture rain water falling in a 5 square foot area and funnel it to your plant. They also prevent precious soil moisture from evaporating as well as keeping weeds from stealing moisture from your plants

IrriPan™ Weed Mats multiply LIGHT
The silver upper surface reflects light back up to your plant while the black underside blocks sunlight to kill weeds – so weeds can’t block sunlight from your plant

IrriPan™ Weed Mats multiply NUTRIENTS by
Stopping weeds from taking the soil nutrients your plants needs to perform.

IrriPan Weed Mats are ideal for;

Permaculture food forest establishment
Annual vegetable garden plants.
Perennial "fedge" plantings
Wildlife habitat plantings
Landscape plantings
Fruit & nut orchards
Planting high value hardwood trees
Ecological restoration and mitigation bank plantings

IRRIPAN weed mats are a “LAUNCHING PAD” for your newly planted and small trees!

If you eliminate the environmental stresses that keep them from reaching their growth potential.  Here’s what I mean:

image of Irripan around tree
Chinese chestnut tree Height at planting: 12 inches
Date planted: July, 2012
Photo taken: August, 2013

Yes, that caption is correct.  This is a Chinese chestnut tree that was planted in July of 2012 as a 12 inch seedling, with a 4ft tall Tree Tube and an IrriPan Weed Mat.  This photograph was taken just 13 months later, in August of 2013… which means the tree has grown more than 8 feet in one year!

Use IrriPan Weed Mats with…
Newly planted seedling trees (and for even better results use in combination with Tree Tubes!)
Newly planted 1 gallon or 3 gallon potted trees
Previously planted or natural “volunteer” seedlings that are getting crowded out by competing vegetation
Landscape trees up to 2 inches in diameter at the base
Pines and other conifers on dry sites.
Vegetable and herb plantings like tomatoes or comfrey

Contact me today to order some irri-pan mats for your new plantings.