Marsh Creek Farmstead: Poop and Dirt Free Chicken Waterer

Poop and Dirt Free Chicken Waterer

After years of raising chickens and having to deal with defects of standard watering systems it is clear that there is a better way...much better

Introducing the Poo and Dirt Free Bucket Drinker! Manufactured by Marsh Creek Farmstead, this 5 gallon capacity unit solves multiple problems with the traditional chicken watering systems and is capable of supplying clean drinking water to a flock of up to 15 birds for one week without refill!

The poo free bucket drinker

Similar sized drinking units retail for $50 and have the added chore of cleaning the watering trough DAILY to supply clean water to your flock. The sealed bucket is impervious to dust and dander and errant poo in your coup and run or backyard. The absence of light in the bucket virtually eliminates algae growth in the water.

The Poo and Dirt Free Bucket Drinker is suitable for birds of all sizes and the height can be adjusted depending on where you set the bucket. For full size birds we recommend using 2 cinder blocks as a base. For smaller birds just lay the cinder blocks over and for chicks use a couple of bricks. With 3 watering nipples there wont ever be a "line" to get a drink.

It comes fully assembled and ready to go.