Marsh Creek Farmstead: Local Organic Layer Feed

Local Organic Layer Feed

My haul of layer feed. I purchased the last 19 bags that they had available. At $23 for 50 lbs it is more expensive than conventional feed but worth the price.

19 bags of Organic Layer feed

The excerpt below is from the Modesto milling website

Certified Soy-Free Organic Feed for Chickens and Other Poultry

After a couple of years of trial and error and a lot of research, we now offer soy-free organic layer pellets and chick starter/grower crumble mixes. Poultry diets require a balanced level of amino acids to achieve a standard level of production. Most plant-sourced proteins fail to provide those specific amino acids. Organic canola seed meal and organic peas are the best combination of plant proteins to accomplish these goals.

Many customers have asked to purchase a soy-free alternative to our soybean meal-based feeds for reasons of personal health and nutritional philosophy. Research lead by the Weston A. Price Foundation has featured articles on the subjects of human diets, non-toxic agriculture and holistic therapies. As these efforts of education, research and activism gain momentum, it has become economically practical for Modesto Milling to manufacture these specialty formulations. We look forward to working with breeders seeking the soy-free feed option for their poultry.