Marsh Creek Farmstead: Plans and Projects

Plans and Projects

A few weeks ago I made my first attempt at a short video of digging comfrey roots. That video can be seen at this link. I will be making short videos weekly. Some will show how I do different things on the farmstead or document projects I'm working on and other that will just be watching the bees or birds.

Honey Bee on an artichoke

Some of the ongoing projects are beekeeping which includes harvesting honey, expanding hives, capturing swarms, processing , packaging and selling the honey, cleaning and making beeswax bats for sale. I'm also continuing the production of my first 50 planet wizbang wheel hoes.

We are getting lots of tomatoes now!

Daily I deal with our 3 flocks of laying hens. Feeding watering collecting eggs moving pens around and dealing with any other problems that may have happened. I also have plans and material to construct a greenhouse. The greenhouse will allow me to start more of my annual vegetables each year as well as aid in the expansion of the plant propagation we have been doing on the farmstead.

Bees collecting pollen
Royal Gala apple