Marsh Creek Farmstead: Finally Got My Bocking #4 Root Cuttings!

Finally Got My Bocking #4 Root Cuttings!

 Almost 2 months ago I placed an order for 50 root cuttings of the bocking #4 strain of comfrey. After much waiting and wondering it has arrived. I have to say that it is a lot smaller in quantity than i thought it would be. 

Root Cuttings

I ordered from out of North Carolina. Spoke to them once to check on the order.  I'm happy to be able to add some of the bocking 4 strain to the Farmstead and hope to get these planted using the "fertile holes" method. Ive been able to sell my #14 strain so well on eBay the past few months im looking forward to adding #4 to the products I'm able to sell from the homestead.

Bocking #4 Comfrey

This method is to dig a hole for each plant 2 to 3 feet apart in a row. Then fill the hole half full with aged manure of any kind, if your soil is acidic add dolomite limestone powder. Comfrey prefers a sweet soil — 6.0 to 7.0 pH. Fill hole to ground level, blend and mix well with a narrow shovel. Soak with water, set a plant or crown cutting to correct depth, then firm the soil. That’s it!

Ill post picture of my contour beds where I am planting more #14 and this #4 when I can. As for now I'm storing the roots in the refrigerator in damp wood shavings until I am ready to plant.