Marsh Creek Farmstead: AgriTrue...Truth in Agriculture

AgriTrue...Truth in Agriculture

Are you concerned about where your food comes from and how it was produced? So am I.
Do you think that buying Organic is all you have to do to get "the best" food available? So did I.

The word "Organic" and production under this term is controlled by government and big corporations. Just like all other systems that are controlled by them there are numerous loopholes that allow questionable practices to occur.

AgriTrue is one free market answer to the corruption found in government controlled "organic" certified production.

From the AgriTrue website:

"We wanted there to be transparency in food production. We were tired of the big agricultural corporations telling us that it doesn’t matter where our food comes from or how it was raised. We wanted it to be easy to find healthy food. We wanted a free-market system that subtly shaped the way food was being produced… away from non-sustainable, destructive farming practices and toward something sustainable, regenerative, and good for our communities. We wanted something that would ensure we would live a better life, if times never got tough, but especially if they did… strong communities thrive when times are good, but they are the places that survive when times get tough.

The problem was that nothing like this existed, so we decided to make it happen.

AgriTrue is how we did it. AgriTrue connects food producers with food consumers. It lets you easily and directly talk to the people who raised your food and find out how they did it. 

We want every food producer in America to be an AgriTrue producer.

We want to take back our food sovereignty.

This has never been about building an online empire. It is about breaking down the barriers that government has put up to “keep us safe” because in doing so, they have destroyed the relationship between the farmers and ranchers and the average person who just wants to eat healthy food. They have taken away an important part of strong communities."

Do what you can to spread the word about AgriTrue to the local farmers you purchase from. If you are a producer why not sign up?